Pride Opening Round Matchups

not a great opening round but I expected lots of scrubs with the 16-man format

BTW when is the PPV?

I honestly think that this card will be saved if the final match that is annouced is at least decent, and the results come the way the fans want it

If Fedor, Crocop, Leko, Herring, Ninja, and Minotauro all make it to the next round, then i will be very happy, some of these guys have their hands full for sure, but those results will save the tournament IMO

PPV is same day tape delay.

lol @ tyj.

Was this the same Takahashi that faught Wallid Ismail in the UFC
years ago?

nice thanks FightingMajor

and yes, same Takahashi. Although to his credit he can at least represent as current HW Pancrase Champion

Fedor vs. Coleman in the first round is way too early. I'd rather see them each fight non-big-name fighters first.

The more I think about it, that Giant Silva match may be the greatest fight in history, from a comedy perspective. This thing is going to be extremely ugly.

I'm gonna go ahead and root for the underdogs just for the fuck of it.

What would Pride do if the each big 3 somehow lost, would fuck their plans off for sure.

If you think Ninja will win your high.

Kharitonov is a better striker and a better grappler than he is.

Fat boy will be either sleeping or tapping by the end of their match.

not the greatest matchups and kinda risky too. Fedor/Coleman is really curious. Is DSE just trying to make sure that one GNP'er is eliminated ? Are they matched up because they're both champs?

BTW I agree that Randleman will get fucked up and think it's sad.

Anybody familar with that match between Arona and Fedor? How difficult of a time did Arona have getting the takedown?

"not the greatest matchups and kinda risky too. Fedor/Coleman is really curious. Is DSE just trying to make sure that one GNP'er is eliminated ? Are they matched up because they're both champs?"

I'm pretty sure DSE is still pretty mad at Fedor for fighting in Inoki's show on New Years Eve. They want him to lose, and Coleman has the best chance of beating him (IMO, and apparently in theirs as well).

It seems that Alanzo Martinez is going to be fighting in the first round as well, although I have not heard who his opponent will be.

If any of you do not know who he is, I assure you that he is an increadible fighter who has a great shot at making it to the later rounds.

I really think that Randleman will get knocked out in less than 30 seconds

I guess I will be the guy to stand up and say that I think the Ogawa/Leko match should be interesting. I think Ogawa will win after taking a few strikes and getting the takedown. I will pick Ogawa by a keylock.

Ninja vs. Kharitonov should be awesome and I think it will be the best fight of the night.

Giant Silva vs. Sentoryu- hmmmmm I will take Giant Silva after he takes down Sentoryu and Sentoryu taps out to the worst looking technique punches ever.

Fedor/Coleman- I'll take Fedor. Coleman will be manhandeled for the first time, just like Herring was.

Mino vs. Yokoi- Mino by sub but I think Yokoi will last longer than expected, maybe 8 minutes...

Mirko vs. Randleman- I will pick Mirko after they stand the fight back up and Mirko lands his kick towards the end of round one.

Herring vs. Takahashi- Takahashi is tough but I will take Herring by TKO after some ground and pound.

If Schilt vs. Rizzo happens then I pick Schilt by KO.

The Schilt vs. Rizzo rumor was started here on the UG. Sakajumei or whatever the hell his screen name is, posted a thread mentioning the match up. As is typical around here, people run with made up hype as if they are facts.

Rizzo reportedly has a K-1 deal for their MMA shows. Same with Semmy. If they do fight, ever, which sounds like a good fight, it will be for K-1 / FEG - not the Pride GP.

wild, thanks for mentioning it was started here. I wasn't aware of where it came from.