Giant Silva got totally screwed. His opponent was clearly not doing anydamage, yet they didn't not stand them up and give a yellow card. The most likely reason was that they didn't want the "Korean Sensation" to face Giant's obviously better stand up.

Does anyone else agree?

I disagree. I dont think Giant Silva has better standup than anyone who's ever stepped in the ring at Pride. (maybe slight exaggeration).


he's better than Manny Yarbrough, Mirko Cro Cop

Goku is correct. He even gave the grunt once when he thought he was gonna hit but didnt get hit. Good stuff.


i wanted to teach him a scissor sweep/ with his size/strength he could flip that dude like pancakes. at 1 point a wizzer woulda put him on top too

That fight was so fucking fake... I cant believe theyre still doing worked fights out there

I wanted a standup, or for Giant to at least try and throw one fucking punch from his back.

Why would they work that fight?

I don't think so.

You dont think that fight was work?? Chu Bei didnt throw ANY punches to Silva's face in his gaurd...and that side choke was attrocious. Silva tapped out long before it was even sunk properly. Im not saying Silva would have won the fight if it was real, but the fight was worked. Plus all those loud bullshit grunts...

Why were there no hard punches thrown to the face?