Pride PPV Delayed for 1 hour

The PPV is delayed until 7:00pm Pacific time. Since it is a taped delayed event, we won't miss any of it.

BOO this man! BOO


Thanks for the update!

Mine isn't delayed.

I'll start posting results in thread titles... ;)


Thanks ass!



still not on

still not on

I've already seen 4 matches...

I can believe ______ LOST !!!!


This is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

*starts dancing to the gay music*


Holy SHIT...


Guess what guys...

There's an 11 second KO coming :)

Well, I just got off the phone with Shaw again. Looks like we probably won't get it on till eight now. They will have the server rebooted at 7:30 and if it doesn't come in then, they should have it on by 8:00 but we would be jumping in the middle of it. Bottom line, if you can't get it at seven thirty, wait till the replay and watch it then. Phone Shaw and get a credit. They'll give it to you no problem.

JHR must have DTV....WestSideStrangler is fighting next!

Shut up you bastards!



They are not showing it tonight. They also are not showing a replay!

That sucks. You guys will miss the next big thing: Little Vanderlei.