Pride PPV

Is anyone else having a problem with Rogers PPV of Pride?

W T F ! Those bastards!

I m having problems too. Just says viewers choice payper view

same here. i'm on the phone to shaw right now

this is fuckin wacked! I'm sitting here and the drugs are starting to take effect, and no fighting???!!!! wtf??!!

I cant take the gay disco music

Worst case we might have to catch the replay at nine.

A recording on Shaw's phone system says that they're having technical difficulties and that they're trying to resolve them...

I work at Shaw and I just phoned the head of technical services. There is a delay on the fights until 7:00pm. We won't be missing any of it since it's taped. We'll be catching the whole thing so no worries.

That's 7:00pm Pacific time by the way.

fuck i thought it was just me

Yeah, the problem I guess is that the guide that Rogers, Shaw, and Eastlink use were wrong with their time. It was never supposed to start until seven in the first place. Whoever put the preshow on at 5:30 didn't have any idea I guess.

Satellite is working fine :)


Watched it last week.... got an advanced copy from Japan. :)


I was just told that the signal is not being sent to the cable guys and its NOT there faults. Rogers said they will show it in full.


Shoulda drove to my house Pain....


When its up and working tonight. They also said they will now show a replay.

We are getting mixed info from Rogers and joelwatts from Shaw.

Yeah, they work different. If you used your remote control to order the ppv, then you would not have access to the replay. Just order it over again and phone Shaw tomorrow and they'll give you the credit. If you phoned the office to order the ppv, you automatically always will get the replay. I don't know how Rogers works anymore. They just out east now.

No show and no replay!!