Pride programs for sale

O.k. I mentioned before I have some stuff I want to sell. I would much rather sell to you guys since you are UG homies. My first wave of sales is for programs. I have the following. Please email me with an offer. I will listen to all offers but obviously want to make some money or I would just keep them. Also email any question you have about them.

I have programs all in good condition for the following events- Inoki Bom Bay Ya 2001, Dynamite 2002, Pride 14, Pride 17, Pride 18, Pride 19, Pride 20 (I have two Pride 20 programs)

I also have a Dynamite shirt that has Mirko vs. Sakuraba and Royce vs. Yoshida on it. It is a black and white shirt still in the wrapper and is a Japanese size Xl which is like a medium-large US size but it is more of a collectible.

I will find out how much shipping will be this week but will be very fair as I want to pass these along to other great fans.

I have more that I will list later including posters, autographs, tapes and other after I organize them.

Sanders Keel

Also, just an interesting item that may or may not get attention. I produced the Pride game and have a few interesting items. I have the original mock up box. It has the original mock up cover on the dvd box. Kind of a cool thing. Also, I believe I still have a ton of the oversize Pride game box displays that you see in the game stores. I also have prints of the original photo shoots for the game. These were used for reference to model the characters in the game. There are even photos of fighters not used. I have a ton of these. It is an interesting item for fans of certain fighters.

Also I do have a Pride 1 pre fight program magazine. It is pretty thick. It had Takada and Rickson on the cover. I decided to sell it.

sanders, you got mail.

The programs have been sold including the Pride 1. I did recieve better offers from some than the person I sold it too but he offered first and a package deal for all of them so I will keep my word. If the deal somehow falls through I will let you guys know. I have about 100 different fighting and wrestling magazines from Japan that all cover MMA and are all in good condition. If there is a certain fighter on a cover anyone wants please specify. I have a ton of magazines with Sakuraba on the cover.

Sent the money order Saturday so you should get it today Sanders.

Stinkin'- ya I was out of town for the past few days but I got it today. I will send it out in the next 48 hours. I also sent you an email. Thanks again.

i hate buying stuff :)

Free is the way to go!

I remember asking for stuff way back in 1998 and getting nowhere. Even to buy stuff back then and noone ever did sell or give away.

Incredible stuff! Will cherish these programs for some time.