PRIDE to be shown on JPN AIRLINES!

Nice way to promote Pride amongst people who might not have known what it is. This is off the news section on the Pride website:

The PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS are now available for viewing by passengers of Japan Airlines (JAL). If you’re flying JAL be sure to check out the JAL Entertainment Network and turn to channel 11, 26, or 27. There you’ll see a 60-minute program covering the 2004 heavyweight Grand Prix, which features such PRIDE stars as Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Fedor Emelianenko. Passengers can enjoy movies, video games, and a variety of programs in high digital quality on JAL flights and now that includes PRIDE!


Redneck, you got it wrong then. You shoulda said "Yesterday called and it wants its news back" ;)

Either way, Redneck has booked a flight for the correct

I saw it on JAL a couple of weeks ago... pretty cool, a much better choice than episodes of Lilo and Stitch the TV series... oddly enough there were a bunch of people on the plane watching it, including the 60 year old guy in the seat next to me...

That is incredible news ! Pride certainly has some clout ...

it's a fact!!! on my return flight last week( bangkok to tokyo) JAL had a 1 hr pride HW tourny compilation showing on the personal tv's.i almost tried to hustle a guy on the plane into betting on the fights w/ me,but decided not to 'cause i felt guilty!!

Has to kind of suck if you are flying back after just losing in Pride, and the guy next to you says "Is that you bleeding all over the place?"

However, if you had just won, you probably wouldn't get much static when you stood up to go to the john.