PRIDE/UFC judging different

You guys can't say This fighter got robbed or that fighters got robbed. UFC judging and PRIDE judging is different.

This is one thing I have noticed while watching PRIDE and UFC:

UFC - Submission escapes are worth more points than Submission attemps.

PRIDE - Submission attemps are worth more points than Submission escapes.

Pride is better because it is geared towards the people attempting to finish. UFC judging is horses#!t, Hughes/Charuto solidified that. Honestly, a 10 point system in MMA is difficult to negotiate, but necessary to get sanctioned. I think it sucks, personally.

and a choke that your opponent barely escapes does none?

It's an issue of who's trying to finish. If you are constantly defending subs, you aren't doing anything to win the fight so why should you win?

"When did failed offense=winning a fight?"


If you're referring to Ricco/Nogueira, both of them failed offensively since neither was able to finish the other.

However, Nogueira's offense was consistently more of a threat than Ricco's -- many of his subs were potential fight-finishers, while Ricco's punches would never have finished no matter how long the fight went on.

Since Ricco was forced to escape Nogueira's subs or be tapped out, whereas Nogueira basically just ignored Ricco's punches completely (unless you count blinking), what other conclusion can you reach except Nogueira's offense was more effective and more dangerous over the course of the fight than Ricco's?

"No,because a landed punch does damage."

How much? This is completely variable and impossible to judge. Cosmetic damage like bruises may show up on one fighter after a weak shot, and never show up at all on another fighter after being pummelled. The physical effects are also impossible to judge, unless it's something like a leg kick that leaves the opponent limping.

In any event, a close sub attempt will probably cost the opponent as much in terms of lost energy/wind to escape, not to mention the possibility of pain in the limb and the throwing off of their game.

Fighting is about defeating your opponent... That requires a KO or a Submission...

Anything that leads to one of those events should get consideration with a judge (dangerous combo, power strike, effective slam, near submission).

Damage obviously needs to be considered, but that consideration should be tempered also... Should dozens of busy strikes while in the guard, weigh more than a near armbar or triangle just because the strikes carry the "appearance" of having caused damage.

Points for activities, techniques, tactics that bring the fight to the brink of resolution should be credited (sub attempts, good strikes and combos, slams)

pride seems to push the action and award points for trying to actually finish a fight,not lay and die on someone.