Pride, why no subtitles?

We're up to Pride number what already? They've been sending the PPV's to the US for how long? Why is it that every time a Japanese/Brazilian/Russian fighter addresses the crowd that they can't get English subtitles so that we know what the hell they're saying? If they're going to burn up PPV minutes with the fighter's speeches, you'd think that by now they'd have subtitles, or translators, especially since we don't get the live broadcast anyway.


Pride sends me questionnaires after their PPVs and I've suggested this too them each time.

agreed but I think that's just thier way of keeping it different from any other PPV, becuase they know that subtitles or not we will still "buy" the product.

I agree!

Uh... time. We get the payperview about a dozen hours after the fights are over. They already recut the show, add all the production intros, etc... Stuff they can prep ahead of time, yet still need to do within a small timeframe. Really think they have time to properly translate all the live speeches, type them out in English, etc...? If the delay were a couple days, ok, but when it's less than 24 hours, not really.

Why no subtitles? They don't care about subtitles for us Gaijin and it'll cost them money. There are, however, translaters in the ring whenver a fighter speaks English or Portuguese. Maybe they could sell more DVD's if they added it in as a special feature.

or how about offering a free year of PPV for a simultanious translater to type in closed captions on PPV

egm, HBO and Showtime have interpreters during LIVE events, 12 hours should be plenty of time.

LOL@ "the gladiator" on TUF having subtitles...

You yanks suck with that shit, sorry to say.

"Uh... time."

They are quick and easy to do, time is not the issue.

Close captioners type up every word said on newscasts and stuff live, in real-time, but it's too hard to get a translator to type up a translation of a 30-second speech with "only" a day or two to do it?