Prime Cormier vs Gane

Who takes it?

Black Fedor. The punching wrestle fucker.

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The only Heavyweights I think give him trouble would be Jones, Stipe and Ngannou.

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I really think people give Ngannou too much credit. DC would make it look easy.


If its UFC HW DC then Gane

If its SF HW DC then it’s DC

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Experienced Gane that doesn’t do stupid mistakes in the grappling department would KO DC

This is a great comment. It seems like DC convinced himself he could outstrike Jones… and it was working until the head kick. He convinced himself of the same against Stipe… and it worked, once.

Do you think he’s dumb enough to try to outstrike Gane or Ngannou though?

Dammit I miss SF DC. The guy that slammed the shit out of Barnett was unstoppable.

Yeah, but in their first fight, the opposite was kind of true. DC was doing fine, roughing up Jones with dirty boxing etc. Then he became obsessed with taking Jones down and threw away his game plan.