Prime Ken Shamrock vs Rickson in Pride?

How are you doing by the way? Are you still rolling? Are you a black belt now?

Did you ever fight MMA?

I’m old but I’m still training

He beat your Momma!


Maybe, but only if she had the aura.

Lies. She’s the reason he’s 400-1.


If Rickson could keep from getting hit on the way in, I believe he’d overwhelm Shamrock.

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Frank was outgrappled by a much less experienced Jeremy Horn through the majority of their bout. He could never stop takedowns and he would not sub Rickson from the bottom.

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Fun fact, this was never actually uttered in case you didn’t know


What was he saying?

Prime Shamrock would defend the take down and ko him


Thumbs up for the username. We’re you a shamrock1fan before?

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If you go back and watch that fight, Ken was absolutely wrecking a very tough Fujita up to the stoppage. He did ask for the towel to be thrown in by Pete Williams but the whole “Petey my heart “ thing was just something critics created to mock Shamrock and suggest he lacked toughness. He definitely never said “Petey my heart.” You can clearly see his face the entire time.

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Yeah it’s been a while since I watched it but I watched it quite a few times back in the day because Ken looked so good up until the end. This & the Otsuka fight he was looking really good. Fujita had that hard head & a good gas tank. Guys wore themselves out on him.

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As soon as Rickson attempts to clinch, Shamrock will revert to his wrestling and they’ll hit the mat. Rickson just needs to avoid getting hit on the way in. On the mat it’s Rickson all day.


Rickson is not Fujita, if he took those bombs he’s going down


Rickson was a much different fighter strategically than Fujita.

I would take a prime Ken like circa 2002ish

Rickson Gracie MMA wise is like an urban legend , he only fought 11 times , 5-6 of those were against guys who didn’t know fuck all about grappling.

The only legit dude he ever fought ( funaki) he had to modify the rules and got a sub at 12 minutes.

The Ken that fought don Frye in pride would beat rickson into Bolivia


Strange then, that Ken Couldnt beat Royce into oblivion.


Why’s that strange ? Royce has a more legit Mma resume than rickson.

Let’s be real , First time they fought he used a GI choke in pretty much a no gi fight because ufc was an infomercial at that time.

And there 3rd fight they were 93 years old.

So what are we talking about a draw ?

And if Royce would of fought Ken in pride without a Gi in that 2000ish time period , he would of got wrecked.


I hate on rickson and Kenny got me into mma, but I’d bet on Rickson. Ken wasn’t ever very good. He was just a solid athlete and always on a bunch of gear and he put up some impressive lifts. Crazy strong.

Prettt much the Francis ng approach these days.

Ken Shamrock was a very schizo mma fighter. His performances were all over the place and I still don’t think he ever truly lived up to his potential. Who is his most impressive win? Severn at ufc 6?