prime SAKU vs prime Cung Le

a 25 year old SAKU vs 25 year old CUNGLE?
I'd take Cung Le. Great take down defense machine gun kicks.

Prime failure!

saku by sub

Sakuraba would low kick the shit out of him, take him down easily, and sub him easily.

saku would single leg and sub him in seconds.

Dude, prime Saku beats ANYBODY. Even BJ, I think, and I am a BJ nuthugger to the core. I dunno. That would be a hardcore fight.

While Cung is amazing prime Saku is well Saku... nuff said

A prime Sakuraba would give anyone trouble

prime 38 takes anyone under 185


LOL @ this thread topic.

Sakuraba doesnt have to be 25 to beat Cung Le.

Hell,I dont even think Sak was fighting yet when he was 25...

Sak in his prime probably had the quickest single-leg ever in the sport.

(It's sad that one of the few things in life quicker than how quick Sak used to be may the rate at which people forget.)

Yeah, Cung is a wrestler - but Sak still would have taken him down.

And once there, it would have been all over.

prime sak subs anybody, anytime, anyplace

prime Saku would give Fedor hell of a fight.

Im obviously biased but this is no contest, Sakuraba would have taken him down and it would have been over quickly.

The same prime saku that fought to a draw with Allan Goes??

What is wrong w/fighting to a draw against Goes?

He was a tuf/skilled sob.

Ask Hendo or Frank.

One of the best but people were getting a little out of hand saying he would beat anyone....I think give anyone a hard fight is fair to say

People are saying he would beat anyone @185 or under.

I think he would as well.

Sak was the most well rounded,in shape,mentally strong,skilled,toughest fighter I have ever seen.

To beat him,you had to be almost as good as him,and bigger.PERIOD.

The proof is out there.

Could possibly beat anyone at 185 this is very true...then people started saying fedor