PRIME VS. PRIME Discussion

Here's the question, you know how some people
don't start training till they're 35 and decide to fight?

In Combat sports there's a technical peak as well as a physical one. Now my question is the inverse of the example. Let's say for instance like a Ryan Hall. He's young as hell (may not even be in his physical prime) but he's tappin out blackbelts. I figure he's not quite at his technical prime but how much better can one get? Do you think he will keep growing, or is there not as much room for development at that high level? Do you think his skills will diminish or improve in 10 years? discuss...

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I don't see why constant improvement isn't possible. Marcelo keeps getting better. Anderson Silva keeps getting better. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples. Depends on whether you think you're great as is and just keep your training at the same level (ala old BJ Penn) or decide that what the hell why not get even better and keep pushing your training to new levels (ala new BJ)...

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That's a good analogy BTR, but could BJ of lets say 5 years from now, and lets assume he has improved a bit, be able to take on BJ at 23(when he's already technically sound)?

I guess the main question would be how badly does age affect fighters, and I know everyone is different.

Another 5 years? I think so. If he trains the way he's training now then I'd say yes. I guess there's an arc at which age forces the dip. I don't know when that is. I assume it's different for everyone. Also must depend on how much punishment your body has accumulated over the years. But, how old is BJ? 30ish? I think if he plays it smart he can still improve for another 5-10 years. Then after that, maybe still improve technically but lose some energy and reaction time eventually. May become more difficult to train at that level after another 5 or so years too.

But look at guys like Nate Diaz and Joe Lauzon. They can keep getting better, in every regard, for at least 10-15 more years, I'd guess.