Private in Miami next month?

I will be at a conference late next month in Miami Beach.

I hope to have some free time. Any suggestions on who would be a good private?


Cyborg Abreu

Rillion...if he does privates.

shark tank - Rillion...if he does privates.

Absolutely. Did a drop in a few years ago and it was incredible. Would love to have a private with him and pick his brain. He is a walking encyclopedia on BJJ.

Rilion does private lessons. Take one with him . . . one lesson will change your BJJ game.

Jorge Pereira

Cyborg for sure at least go to fight sports great gym

Daniel Valverde at MMA masters. He is a fourth or fifth degree Blackbelt under Osvaldo Alves.......NoGi World may google some of his matches.....unbelievable game and awesome teacher. I have traveled all over the world and he was one of the most technical and phenominal skill sets I have ever experenced.

I'll be in Miami then! Would be happy to give you a private. I'm a Relson Gracie black belt and Judo black belt. My focus is self defense jiujitsu (standing and on the ground) but I am also up to date on skilled v. skilled sequences (been taking privates from Ryron and Rener since they were brown belts and just did the 8 hour Rener super seminar in Maryland)

For sport jiujitsu, you may want to check out Rillion - super nice guy - he's near coral gables. I've never trained with Cyborg but have heard good things about him from friends who train with him.

Good luck!

Steven Abood

Sounds like a lot of good options.  I've had a chance to take a private with Rillion and thought it was great.