Private lessons from the rev (affordable) L.A. O.C

Haven't worked in a while and it doesn't look like much work is coming up this month. Am offering private lessons at New Breed jiu jitsu in Santa Fe Springs, or I can come to you if you have a place to train.

$25 for half hour

$40 for an hour

$5 a person per half hour for extra people

Group lessons okay.

I have a lot of experience with basic wrestling, basic jiu jitsu with and without the gi, advanced techniques with and without the gi and have a broad knowledge of leg attacks. I can help clean up your game, give you some new toys, or help put things together for mma. I am a brown belt under Javier Vazquez and Rodrigo Medeiros, and have been training jiu jitsu for 11 and a half years, wrestled for five years before that. Have worked alongside of Javer Vazquez, and Romie Aram, and trained with some of the best in the world.

please email me to set up appointments or get a phone number

pinnedagain2001 at


sounds like a great deal, too bad no one does this on the east coast.


If you want to pay me for a challenge match I am there. I might charge a bit more if you are going to punch me in the face though


did we? I don't remember, who are you? What did you do with my fruit basket?