Privates for kids ?

Crazy BJJ dad just paid the prof for a private for his kids. Phone Post 3.0

Guess I shouldn't be surprised since he gives the kids $5 for taking the aback when they roll in class. Phone Post 3.0

The $5 thing is weird. But I had a small kids program and was asked to teach plenty of private lessons for kids. I even taught some back at the karate studio where I worked for many many years (and they didn't really offer private lessons, generally). 

if i could afford it,i would get my kids private lesson for anything they really loved

Yea I have a few families that pay me to teach privates. Everyone has a different learning style and as teachers it's our job to teach to those. If the kid is better one on one then great! I've seen some real improvement in some of my trouble students from one on one privates Phone Post 3.0

I wouldn't do it, but I don't blame the instructor if some deep pocket parent is willing to pay for it.

I only know one dad who does this. As far as I can tell, the instructor uses the time to teach him guard styles that he doesn't teach the rest of the class. Also, he doesn't teach the rest of the class how to defend or pass them.

My kids are mostly top players, so this creates an opportunity for me to teach them how to pass guards that they don't normally see from their other training partners and that they might encounter in competition. Kinda sucks for the rest of the class, though.

Their good for kids wrestling, much more focus on technique and individual attention on the technique. Best way to learn, I imagine the same for bjj Phone Post 3.0

I've also noticed most 9-10 year olds can absorb as much technique as adults so why not pour on the mat time while they have no other cares/worries. Phone Post 3.0