pro fighter here ... any questions

i gotta pro fighter next to me right now. any questions?

There are alot of Pro's that post here.

They have the green names.

Have your friend make an account.

It would also help to name the guy.

"i gotta pro fighter next to me right now. any questions?"

First question. Who is it? It kinda helps to know...

Favorite book?

What do you think about the price of eggs in China?

Does he wipe sitting or standing?

frank trigg

miguel ... "angels and demons"

spicy ... "swallow"

guns " price is low compared to america"

entry "sitting, i was raised by a single mom"

how do we know you're not just going to blag it and make up answers?! lol..

I have the Ultimate Warrior next to me..any questions?

he's right here. ask away, bjj.

mount or guard?..(no gi) ;)

chicken, steaks are for posers.


no answer on the leglocks ... falling asleep.

pride made it a point to have a hair.

kang is the long shot, baroni and filho are faves to watch and you can
never discount busta cause he is so well-rounded.

Ask him what he painted when he was on the Jerry Hall tv show

he painted dee-dee ... they had to paint each other and he painted
devonrick aka dee-dee.

hughes by gnp in the middle of the second rd.

as for the steroid questions, he doesn't see it around him. he gets to
japan and does his job and that's it.

OK, now let's pretend it's another fighter there...who should we pick?

hey man, i was legit when phil baroni was next to me and i'm legit now
when trigg is next to me.

Yeah you really had us going. Hahaha! freaking ninny

If it is Trigg have they approached him for TUF 4?

fathead, they did ... he was gonna do it but then there was the whole
pride/ ufc thing and trigg couldn't walk away from pride.