problem with blinking

when your opponent throws a punch, i still have the tendency to blink before it makes contact.

what do fighters/boxers/you do when they're/you're about to get hit?

blinking is natural and greatly reduces over time.

Once you accept the fact that you will be hit, then your flinching will rapidly decline to more acceptable levels. It's natural and expected. You'll get better about it over time.

These guys are correct.

Scott Sonnon has a great drill that I work whenever some newbie comes in the gym and has the blinking problem.

Basically, you have your partner throw taps with his fingertips on your forehead. Start slow and work progressively.

Also, he has a whole series of "drills" called Soft-Work that is all demonstrated on his Shock-Ability tapes.

Definitely worth a look. He also has a folder on this Web Site. Field some questions there.

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Erik Paulson covered this in a seminar, and basically he said that you should don your gloves, and lightly but briskly "tap" yourself in the face (like you're trying to punch yourself out, but not that hard) while making a conscious effort not to blink. Much the same way Hagler was hitting himself before the Hearns match. I emphasize the word "lightly."

sorry to hear that todo.

It's problem with "shrinking", not "drinking."

Cold water is very mean

Aus has some good points zero one my trainer used to get me to do when i fisrt started besides what Aus has already mentioned is to splash water in your face or use spray bottle, sounds weird I know but it works I havn't blinked in years

are you serious?

i can be pretty gullible... lol

be as gullible as you like, but seriously give it a try shit really works!

Hey, sometimes it's better to blink. My nerves are so good that I got hit right in the eyeball this weekend lol That sucked.

Manto, that's an old Thai and Karate trick.

Put your face near a sink of water and clap.

It's solid from what I hear.