Problems w/ Hitman order????

I think hitman gear is the shit. (the best designs, along with fokai and Sinister)

So I ordered some shirts for a buddies bday and for myself of course. I ordered the stuff on the 3rd of this month and after tracking the package I found out it is being delevered today. I thought it was my fault for not upgrading the shipping from the standard flat rate, but then I realized that this is the same shipping I used when I sold on EBAY and the packages never took more than 7-8 business days at the most to get where they needed to go.

If this procedure is normal for hitman, then I appologize completely. Just salty that I could not give my buddy his gift (I gave him my unopened ufc 47 dvd instead)

Again, if this is normal, then please disregard, and I will continue to orger hitman gear, just earlier next time!

Dan is notoriously slow to get orders out. But on the bright side, he usually throws in free swag with it.