Prochazka next title contender?

If he beats Reyes that’s 2 former title contenders in a row, and no good other options for blachowicz to fight. Could he beat blachowicz?

Early odds for a fight not yet lined up…

It’s a great fight. I’m working nights so couldn’t watch the fights last weekend, just seen the ko highlights. I feel like Jan can get him down and then he’s a fish out of water though…perhaps once I see the whole fight I’ll change my mind, but I take Jan

Has Jiri got any ground skills? He’s got a decent cauliflower ear so presumably grapples

Jan has the better MMA and grappling experience. KO power in both hands. Fight IQ.

Jiri has the footwork, cardio edge, youth on his side and unpredictability. Jiri can get it done if he takes it to the later rounds where his cardio and pressure will outpace Jan if Jan doesn’t take him out early.

Jan has to set a proper pace and make Jiri pay for keeping his hands low. Basically counter him to death. But Jiri with his cardio and footwork and punches from weird angles might catch Jan. This is where Jans experience should come into play and take down Jiri. But Jiri is also good on his back.

Tough fight to call. Spider-Man vs Spider-Man.

After seeing his fight with oezdemir I immediately thought he’s gonna fight for the title soon, he looks like he’s right at his physical prime, able to take shots that would put other people out and a gas tank that will overwhelm pretty much everybody at 205, paird with agressivity that gets a fight finished. Blachowicz is a really tough match up though, jiri is quite hittable and sometimes has problems managing the distance, and with Jan one good punch is enough, I’m curious if jiri can take it because 100% he will be hit in that fight. It’s really 50/50, I can see Jan knocking jiri out with one punch as well as jiri tkoing Jan in the later rounds.

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