Product Review: Faction Mouthguards

I had been looking for a good mouthguard for some time. I went though a couple store-bought options and decided I could probably get better. I hadn’t had a professionally molded mouthguard since high school football so I had little compare to and less to go on.

Faction had been brought up on the UG and had seen them as mutual friends on Facebook so I thought I would reach out and sample their wares.

Customer service was top notch from start to finish. Ordering the impression kit, returning the kit, payment, and receiving were all a breeze.

They put their instruction video for the impression kit on youtube:

Doing my own impression was a little tricky but the explanation from the video was pretty straightforward and I was happy with my mold on the first try.

I ordered the basic kit to start. Upon receiving the guard, I was impressed at how snuggly and comfortable the guard fit my teeth. It allowed me ample space for breathing and even talking which is something no store-bought guard will allow. Other guards restricted breathing or cut parts of my lip and mouth due to non-smooth edges. This was not a problem with the Faction Mouthguard. I wore it to boxing and took several punches in the face without getting any teeth knocked in. FIELD TESTED!

Overall I’m very happy with this guard. Provided the protection and comfort I want at a very reasonable price (ranges from $85 to $125). If you are a fighter or even casual combat sports athlete, I recommend this guard.

Also, check them out on Facebook.

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 Brian makes the best guards around!

I second the recommendation