Promoters, fight teams, gyms!

First off, Mods if this is breaking any rules or is in the wrong place, sorry, just think it is an awesome idea for the MMA world!

OK, I know I had problems finding some good fight teams, and gyms when I first started. So I had an idea to make a toplist site so that gyms and fight teams could get there names out there. So feel free to sign up to get your site and gym up there! here is the url:
There is also a section for fightgear, and a section for mma news sites, so hopefully can get there info up there!! Any ?'s or ideas please let me know!

ttt for just launched the site 1 hour ago and 5 members on board already!!



why don't you talk to me? lol. I could've helped a ton.

HAHA. I was acctually going to talk to you thursday morning when I come in. Whatever help you can give would be appreciated! I think this will help out alot of people. It is a win win situation. And I better see the LFC on there or I will more than talk to you on thursday! hahahah