(MONTREAL, CANADA) – March 30th 2006 – In order to commemorate its 25th event, Groupe TKO MMA Inc calls upon its loyal and dedicated fans in order to make TKO 25: CONFRONTATION™ at the Pierre-Charbonneau center a historical event. Our sport continues to grow in popularity and notoriety and now is the best time to have a ton of new fans discover what we already know about the #1 professional sport in the world! In order to promote the sport at a level never reached before in Canada, TKO is proud to offer its incredible fans this awesome promotion!

Indeed, as of March 27th when tickets for TKO 25 go on sale, TKO offers a pair of FREE* tickets to its fans on purchase of twelve (12) tickets for the event. This promotion is a great time to bring friends, co-workers and family to attend a TKO Mixed Martial Art event for the first time! Call the TKO ticket office now to benefit from this incredible promotion – 514-998-MMA1 (6621)

The new fans of Mixed Martial Arts will be astonished as some the most spectacular athletes in the organization will be featured for TKO 25 at the Pierre-Charbonneau Center in Montreal. The main event will feature the greatest champion in TKO history – MARK "THE MACHINE" HOMINICK – 9 times TKO champion – ranked 4th in the world in the featherweight division and back from Vegas where he won in impressive fashion against the UFC's #1 lightweight Yves Edwards. The event will also mark the return of the gifted phenom from London, Ontario CHRIS "THE POLISH HAMMER" HORODECKI, only 18 years of age and still undefeated after three fights. Horodecki is considered by many as the hottest young talent in the sport, often dubbed as the "Sydney Crosby" of Mixed Martial Arts.

Also on the card: the return of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt FABIO HOLANDA who will try to give a new push to his career in the lightweight division; the clash of titans between New-Mexico's very own DAMACIO PAGE and La Prairie's THIERRY QUENNEVILLE; the new kids on the block will try to take their spot in TKO as Edmonton's JARID BUSSEMAKER takes on amateur kickboxing champion MARTIN GRANDMONT of Drummondville; TKO veteran DONALD OUIMET will try to rebound from two straight loses to undisputed champion Sam Stout as he takes on heavy handed JOE CAMACHO of California; after retiring in September of 2004, legendary trainer STEVE CLAVEAU steps back in the ring!; another veteran is back as World Karate champion STEPHANE DUBE takes on Kingston's GREG COMPTON and the grudge match between MARTIN DESILETS and FRITZ PAUL which promises a lot of fireworks!

A total of ten (10) explosive bouts! Tickets ($50, $75, $100 and $200) go on sale Monday March 27th by calling the TKO ticket office at 514-998-MMA1 (6621). For more information, visit us on the brand new TKO web page at (starting April 5th).

TKO SUPERSTARS GEORGES ST-PIERRE, PATRICK COTE, SAM STOUT, JONATHAN GOULET and DAVID LOISEAU will be on hand at the event for autographs and pictures!


514-998-MMA1 (6621)

  • Promotion only available on $50 and $75 tickets.

What day is the show? I heard May 5th?


yeah, the show is May 5.

"often dubbed as the "Sydney Crosby" of Mixed Martial Arts."

So he is the second best young gun in MMA??? Cause everyone knows Alexander Ovechkin is the best young gun in the NHL.

DAMACIO PAGE vs THIERRY QUENNEVILLE is a terrific fight. I can't wait to hear who Hominick & Horodecki are fighting.

Rking.. man you beat me to the Ovechkin comment

Page Vs Quenneville is a great fight as is Dube and Compton,,,

card looks great!

Also nice to see TBA stepping up once again :) he is the poster boy for Canadian MMA


Is Patow doing the website? he does awesome work and is well worth the Money IMO

I don't know but I may have to go to this TKO.

"Cause everyone knows Alexander Ovechkin is the best young gun in the NHL."

Hate to break it to you, but Crosby is the best young gun in the game. We will see what Crosby is doing when 20 like Ovechkin. I can guarantee that Ovechkin at 18 would not have done what Crosby has done at 18.

I also have to say, that I would have loved to seen Francois/Desilets in a rematch. hopefully some time they do it again. Still disappointed the first fight ended the way it did, was really enjoing it. Francois was looking good.

I am so sick and tired of people saying Ovechkin is better cause he's two years older. Ovechkin is better cause he is better. Ovechkin has had no one to guide him in Washington (Crosby has Lemieux).

age is relevant. Two years is significant. No way around it.

Patry is still mad at me for kicking him in the ass in Vegas, so no, I'm not doing the website. :)

I am however going to this show, and I'm dragging crazyhook with me.


two years is nothing. For both of them this is the first year in the NHL. Ovechkin is just the better player.

Ovechkin has been playing with Professional grown men for years now, and in fact was playing in the RSL last year during the lock out where many NHLers were, stars like Lecavalier, Kovalchuk, the list goes on. It can easily be argued that although technically they are both NHL rookies, Ovechkin was better prepared to make the adjustment due to what he had came from, which was a much higher calibre of play compared to Crosby playing junior. Two years at these stages of development is definitely relevant, but will be no issue when they both their prime. When Ovechkin is 28 and Crosby 26 it wont an issue, than again by then it will be clear to all that Crosbt is much better.

Ovechkin is 10+ points clear of Crosby and has played in fewer games.

Patow.. got a pass brother!

Cosby is number 2... Alex has nobody on his team and look at his point totals.Who is number 2 in scoring on the Caps?

I just have to figure out how to get there...

First cold one is on me Dougie... I may take it back but I do have your first one at least for a while.