Props to SBG's Molly!

Had to make this thread to give props to Molly for working w/ me as my Bass/Williams set had a defective dvd. Very gracious through e-mails, and even after a WHOLE LOTTA trial and error (many dvds sent, some the wrong ones, others duplicates of the ones I have but mislabled, etc. Many misadventures) we finally got it right. Unfortunately, she won't be at SBG-P from now on so whenever I order I can't deal w/ her anymore when I order future stuff :(. Since I can't email her to say thank you, figured I should just make the public post and she'll eventually see it. Thanks for the service (and original artwork) Molly!


Molly rulz!

Molly did a great job, and I will be sure to point her to your post so she sees it.

Our new productions manager is Sarah, and she is also awesome, and you can expect the same great customer service.

Hang on to that artwork, David. I may die tragically young in some exotic place and my mourning friends will exhibit all my paintings and THEN, those post-its will be worth zillions. I may have just PAYED for your great-grandchildren's education. BOOOOOYeah!

Portugese, if ANYONE makes it past second cuz with you, I'll be SO jealous! L

LOL, No worries Moll, your positions safe!