props to Yves Lavigne

Good reffing can be the difference between a normal fight and a very good fight. Big props to Yves Lavigne. With his great reffing we had a very good match last Saturday. some would have stopped the fight way earlier.

He understands the game.

Definitely my favorite ref!

yves always lets shit slide! he's good

I completely agree! I think that almost any other referee would have stopped the Taylor/Davis fight!

Yves let it go on and look what we got: a fantastic/exciting round of MMA!

Great job, Yves!

great thread. great call.

Amen to that

great reffing that fight. His non paniced reffing gave us a great fight and Davis a win

Well done. Even as an arm chair ref I thought I would have screwed up that fight and stopped it to early. Great job not costing Davis a win!

TTT in answer to whiners wanting the Lytle fight stopped because of blood. Lytle was still going after Kos in the last seconds while Kos reteated.Best ref in the business.