Protein for muscle recovery

"that's why you guys gotta get the steak in, the chicken."

So, instead of learning subs, Ken's team gets a guy who gives them advice like that? These guys are athletes, don't they already know something about food?

Nutritionists are a good idea. Not having a grappling coach probably isn't.

Yes, nutrionists are a good idea. But Ken has been training for decades, he already knows something about nutrition.

He should share his wisdom on a subject like that and bring in someone to teach grappling. This is fighting, someone should teach them to win, not tell them to eat steak.

"...Not having a grappling coach probably isn't"

understatement! and true!

Wow, I had no idea that protein was important for building and maintaining muscle! I am so glad that guy was there.

"Wow, I had no idea that protein was important for building and maintaining muscle! I am so glad that guy was there. "

Me neither. The good thing about Ken using that guy instead of a grappling coach is that, not only can the fighters benefit from his advice, but the viewers as well.

the guy probably told em alot more than that but the protein was what made the show. but i'd rather have a sub coach too

the HUGE mistake here is Ken says his BJJ sucks and he like leg locks---great---so where is that BJJ coach to fill the gap? In walks meat head---"you guys are stock cars you need fuel" Super choice Ken---he is a pioneer in the sport and a great fighter to watch, but this clearly shows that he isn't evolving with the sport. Common sense says---if you suck at BJJ get someone like Erik Paulson or SOMEONE in there that doesn't suck to help out the team!

Feel bad for his team. Is there any fighter out there that would rather have a bodybuilder tell them about nutrition than Dean Lister coaching bjj? Ken is an idiot for doing this to his team.

Why do they need a nutritionist when they get free Xyience? It makes no sense?!?

This is my take on it: How in the hell have you been fighting all these years, King of Pancrase, etc - and your BJJ sucks? That is just rediculous. There is no excuse to be in the fight as long as he has and not be comfortable in every position. That's why he got jacked up so bad by Tito and knocked out by Franklin. If he fights Tito again it will have the same outcome. I would much rather be with Tito's team, they'll learn alot more.


Ken's BJJ doesn't suck, he is one of the best grapplers of all time, his early UFC and Pancrase fights are proof of that. Of his 26 wins, 21 of them have been submissions. He was just saying that.

Also, about the nutritionist thing, the show is only about six weeks long right?

In such a short timeframe they don't need tips on how to eat, they need to learn how to win fights.

Travis Lutter would have been a BJJ coach and they are both from Texas.

Stay tuned, Ken may bring in Jack LaLane for extreme medicine ball training