Province admits negligence, doesn't doubt test

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                                Province admits negligence, doesn't doubt test

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Monday released the post-fight drug test results for WEC 42, which took place on Aug. 9 in Las Vegas. Of the nine fighters tested by the commission, one turned up an alleged positive test result for a performance enhancing substance, that fighter being Cole Province.

He doesn’t deny his guilt, but he does want it to be known that it wasn’t intentional. Province wasn’t caught misjudging the timing of a steroid cycle, or trying to mask what he was taking to try and fool the test. If he and his manager are being truthful, as much as being guilty of having a performance enhancing substance in his body, he was guilty of bad judgment and ignorance.

“He told me that he didn't take any supplements leading up to the fight. After weigh-ins, one of his training partners/friends had an over-the-counter supplement called ‘Double Dragon’ and he and Cole decided that it would help him retain water if he took it,” said Province’s manager, Leister Bowling, in a statement sent to via e-mail.

The supplement that both Province and his manager admit to him taking is Double Dragon Pharmaceuticals SOS 500. According to a product description on, “SOS 500 is the anabolic supplement you're looking for! It's unique blend of muscle building ingredients makes for an incredible, legal pro-hormone. You'll notice gains in strength, mass, and power that you never knew were possible. SOS 500 gives you all the energy and endurance you need for a great workout and then some.”

The substance that showed up in Province’s drug test results was Methasterone metabolite. Methasterone is a so-called "designer steroid" taken orally that is similar in chemical composition to Drostanolone, the steroid that Hermes Franca and Josh Barnett were flagged for by the California State Athletic Commission.

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 It seems like a strange choice to take a pro hormone to help you rehydrate. Apparently there's some magnesium in it but you'd think some kind of electrolyte powder would make a lot more sense.