PSL Play by play

I had a great time and love submission grappling, so there :) I had a matside seat and posted a blow by blow report:

OTM's PSL Report

BTW, I predicted a draw in the main event awhile ago. :)

Do you agree with the draw, or do you think someone edged it out??

I agree with the draw, saw it coming a long time ago. Looks like people had problems with the feeds and missed it, but Couture almost took Jacare's back (almost had a twister actually) so I don't think he only tried to stall. Jacare threw everything he had into it, but nothing came close. You had to be there I guess.

Yeah cut out after the first round :(...Bummer..

here's the d'arce choke.

agreed...i had a blast and met josh barnett. good times

The funniest part was my seat happened to be in the black corner, matside. In between rounds someone came up to Randy (not someone who came with him matside, not sure if it was a friend or a slightly drunken fan) and began yelling advice to him. "Keep you hands up!" "Stick your chest out!" I swear Randy was cracking up a little. Again, you had to be there I guess....

Randy got Jac's back towards the end of the second round...

When exactly did the feed cut out,.. the first round of regulation or first
round of overtime? I actually recorded the second round of regulation
and the second of OT with my camera

UPLOAD that film to U-TUBE!...The feed cut out after Round 1...


brabo and d'arce = same to me. the brazilians keep yelling "kata gatame" for it. what's right? i don't know...

Yeah... I just got back too. Some great action tonight.

Congrats to Mac on his big win!!!

mayhem's demo dummy in that vid is one UGLY m'er f'er... :-|

Thanks for the PBP Gumby.

Mac Danzig for President. Hot damn that kid is good!

And RAZEGEAR has Darce'd the correct.