Puder vs Miz

right now!!

Miz is in it. Puder looks horrible.

Which one of you is going to hit us up with a pbp? lol

Horrible as in conditioning or in skill level? wtf?

skill level.

looked better in rd 2 cause miz is gassed.

1 round a piece.

TTT for more info. I'm rooting for the Miz but thats cause I watch too much MTV.

Lol at the "UFC Fighter" having abhorent boxing skills.... Oh wait....

puder wins.

So does this mean he gets the mil?

fans still get to vote till midnight tomorrow.

Go vote for puder!!!

BTW, it was a decision.

Fans yelled for who they thought won. It was close but puder's pop was a little louder.

wow ok.

yes it was on ppv.

I'm out now. Time for The Wire.