Pulver,Miguel,Euphoria passes!!!!!

Jens Pulver Gave me...Soljah Fight night cornerman pass from 7/9/04

2 UFC passes from Ortiz vs Elvis...One vip with Pulvers name..the other is Pat MIlitech's fighter pass from that event...

Robbie Lawler's fighter pass from UFC 45!!

Robbie Lawler's fighter pass from ufc 42!!!!

And a cornerman pass from Ufc 49 with pulver's pic on it!!!!

Miguel--Gave me...AFC pass from 7/31/04

Ultimate Brazil UFC press pass!! from 10/16/98...6 years ago 2day

The 2000Final Championship READ Shoot pass from JAPAN!!!!

And I got two press passes from EUPHORIA's event!!! One is mine the other is my pop's who was taking pics for mmaweekly!!

HookNShoot Fusion pass from 11/18/00