Pulver post-fight

Did anyone else think Pulver's interview with Rogan was awesome?

Don't remeber the exact wording but along the lines of -

"Hell, I been knocked out harder than that...........
I fall down all the time".

Anyway, funny stuff, met him once and he's a cool guy.


yupt,he also said he would rather die doing this shit than quit.or sumthin close to dat.

Little evil seems like a great dude. Hope to see him back soon.

He was cool about the whole thing. The whole team was cool to Joe after and Jens made no excuses at all. Said something after about being as prepared as he could be going in, and just got beat. Very good to hear guys react like that to a loss.

Why did Jens even get the chance to get interviewed?

I thought he sounded very rehearsed - like he wanted to get over with the fans so he would be invited back.

Why did Jens even get the chance to get interviewed?

Because every hardcore fan wanted to hear from the one and only LW champ after that shocking loss.

And because he's Jens fuckin' Pulver.

That interveiw was fucking awesome, I dont even care about the loss. It happens, its MMA. But that interveiw was all class and showed what kind of heart Jens really has. He is the fucking man

People like him.

Assume he'll fight alot more in UFC despite loss.

Jens is the man. He couldnt have taken the loss any beter, or given me any more credit. We were talked after a few times, and he couldnt be any cooler of a guy.

Nice win Joe. Congrats.

He got an interview for the same reason that Forrest did against Tito and the same reason that Bonnar did against Forrest; Fan Favorites. You give the people what they want to make them happy with your product.

There goes Jens being the coach on the next TUF, maybe he will be a contestant if the rumors about the season are true.


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Little evil seems like a great dude. Hope to see him back soon.

And it's not Little Evil! It's fukin L'il Evil!!!!


Jens is a really cool guy. No excuses.

Jens is great and a great fighter.He did have the best post fight interview I have ever seen.He said shit happens and he would do whatever for the fans and would not let this loss stop him.How can people not l;ike Lil' Evil or show him much desreved respect.

Pulver is a great guy.... very humble, and made no excuses... depsite being given even chance and opportunity.

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First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who helped me get ready for this fight. Everyone at RSD/Team Aggression, South Shore Sportfighting, Bishops' Boxing and everyone else that at one time or another along the way has taken the time to show me something or help me out. I really do appreciate all of you. It was more than just me in there, it was a team effort... we were all in there.

I want to thank my sponsors... Sprawl, MMA.tv, Xyience, Bullshido, NAGA and Deathwish Inc.

I would also like to thank the UFC, Dana White, Greg, Donna, Sean, Beth and everyone else.

Here are my thoughts on the whole experience and the fight itself. Seems like I have repeated this about 1000 times now, hah...

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