I haven't been paying that much attention to MMA lately, but I had some free time yesterday and I saw that Jens had a new book out. So I ordered it and then went looking for some new interviews of him, and I was like damn, hes one hurt puppy.

I mean shit, a couple of years ago Jens was the number 1 155lb champ in most people opion. He had a huge fan base, very good hand skills, and a great sprawl. He was the man and my personal favorite.

Anyway I was wondering if hed got shit back in order and stuff now, and is he still at MFS. I figure hes prolly on his way back to the top since he has had a couple of wins in MMA and did pretty well in his boxing debut.

Oh yea another thing what the hell happened to MFS they just kinda floated away from each other?

Jens is doing great and will be back on top soon.
The team is still together. We have a brand new gym
opening at the end of the month. So we can get back
to some serious training.

Unfortunately, people who suffered as much as Jens did as a child will have difficulty through out their lives as a result. I wish him the best in conquering his demons. I've met Jens before and he was one of the coolest and easiest people in MMA to talk to that I have ever spoken with. I also bought Jens' book. It was a very touching and interesting read. They did a good job writing it in a way to make the reader feel the pain he was feeling, in a small way. TTT Jens.

Well its good to hear Jens is getting it together. I think its pointless to crown a new UFC champ now. I mean who would you crown that Jens hasnt beat? Its been almost 2yrs since Jens has left the UFC and still no champion, talk about a waste.

Anyone know who Jens is fighting next or if he plans to do anymore boxing matches.

Jens should definately be in the UFC.

I really enjoyed his book, I recommend it.

Best of luck to Jens.

Jens to Japan

Best of luck to Jens! He seemed like a super cool guy when I met him at MFS...

ttt for Jens

Jens belongs in the UFC, but he deserves some japanese paydays too. I hope whatever he decides to do he dominates.