Pure Strength

Does anyone know of fights where soemone has just been getting their ass beat down and then all of a sudden flips the script on them and goes ballistic? I know of Hughes V. Trigg, where he just scooped Trigg up all of a sudden, but any striking situations???

I used to do that occasionally during highschool wrestling matches. The look on the guys' face was priceless... Probably not what you were thinking of, but hey.

james toney vs. michael nunn. although boxing, maybe this fits?

In a crisis situation a person does not rise to the occasion, they merely revert to their highest level of training...or something like that. I always find it bothersome when people are convinced that if they get mad enough they will turn into the hulk or something.

Matt Hughes vs. Carlos Newton, slamming Newton while in 1 of the deepest triangles ever.

Amma, what do you mean?

stands there in torn clothing and shoes

ali / forman- the rumble in the jungle-ali invents the rope a dope technique and lays on the ropes for 8 rounds getting pounded-then explodes and ko's big G

Still what he was capable of...you are either cabable or not, that is the point...if you are standing there in ripped clothes then I'm pretty sure that you were exposed to gamma radiation.

evan tanner vs darryl gholar

bitonio vs vale would have fit this if bitonio won