"..put him into retirement.."-Tito

Tito said

"I'm going to put Ken Shamrock into retirement" and didn't happen

"I'm going to put Randy Couture into retirment' and didn't happen

Now he saids the same thing about Guy Mezger. Can he come up with something new to say for once

He's gonna send that kitty back to the litterbox.

lol... I remember when I thought I was the only one who was tired of him... ah the good old days

I don't know what to think of Tito. On the one hand he was a very dominant champion who always (except vs. Silva) put on a good show. On the other he runs his mouth and sounds very low class when he does. Also he wore the t-shirt again which I thought was very uncool. I want him to return to the hunt for the belt but I also want to see Guy put the hurt on him for being such a dick.

hers about to put himself there, the fashion police will arest him shortly

didn't guy say it was his last match anyhow? has nothing to do with tito... guy might just beat his retirment into tito...

tito will dismantle guy!!! he is being fed guy for a reason. 1st round brutal beat down.

guy isnt in the same leauge as tito.

He could name his fists TNT and Dynamite. I bet that would be funny.

LOL @ Redneck

I don't understand why people don't like trash talking. Is there any coincidence that Tito and ken are 2 of the top draws in MMA and both are shittalkers extraordinaire?

I love the hype to the fight!

Guys like Matt Hughes and Jeremy Horn are world class,..but IMHO a little vanilla due to their understatement.

Keep up the trash talking Tito-- don't worry about offending these delicate sensibilities and their tea parties.

It's my understanding that Guy is retiring win or lose after this
fight anyway, so Tito's just in the right place @ the right time.
He's not retiring anybody

the tito trash talk i think is all for publicity and hype. not sure he really means it

"I don't understand why people don't like trash talking."

Trash talking can be cool and can create good hype. But it's kinda lame when Tito says the same exact thing over and over again. People just aren't really going for it anymore. Maybe he can go in a new direction. He could be the silent killer machine like Fedor. But that'd be tough since he got beat up pretty bad in his last few fights. He could do the classy humble all american thing that Couture has down, but i'm not sure people would buy it after all the trash talk.

It sounds silly and wwe-ish, but a fighter's persona and image is very important in terms of marketability. Tito really needs to come up with some new material, or change the direction of his persona. If all else fails, i suggest he learn how to break dance. It worked for Sudo.

Tito is a smart business man and a world class MMA athlete.

I'm sure he is a respectful human being outside the fight game, he just knows how to sell a fight and create hype. I really enjoy his antics, he managed to piss Ken Shamrock off big time and I'm sure it effected his performance in one way or another.

I don't understand why Tito gets so much abuse, he was a great champion and has improved a lot and I like forward to seeing him fight again.

doesn't really matter what he says...b/c Mezger is gonna win