PVZ: Training with men is better

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                                PVZ: Training with men is better

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                    <p>Women MMA fighters often seek out gyms with a core of dedicated female pros. However, rising star Paige VanZant trains at Team Alpha Male where she is the sole female, and in a recent appearance on UFC Tonight, she said she likes it that way.</p>

“There’s a family and a team aspect,” said PVZ, as transcribed by Dana Becker for Fiveouncesofpain.com. “There’s also a pro athlete gym, They’re making sure I’m ready for my fight. Training with men is better. There’s less drama, and if I can stand three or five rounds with the guys, I can handle a fight with a girl. They definitely hit harder than any girl I’ve fought.”

“I go in there and do my job. I like to win more than anything in the world. Once the competition starts and the bell rings, I have to be the best.”

Paige VanZant beat Alex Chambers by Submission (Armbar, Round 3, 1:01).

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Just a little anecdote. PVZ is not the only female on the pro team at TAM. Cynthia Calvillo is also on the pro team and a rising talent.

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TheRealJoker - Yet another girl that hates other girls. Isthis really news?! Phone Post 3.0

Preferring to train with men means that she hates other women? Your logic is strange.

Wasn't there some scandal behind why she left TAM for a while? Beyond the health insurance in NV only story. Phone Post 3.0

tommyNOfilter - I wouldn't call TAM men. Male? Yes

Men? Nope
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My only worry woul be they don't try and let them obtain positions they normally wouldn't get Phone Post 3.0