Q about Rodneys tape sets

I know simular questions have been asked before. I have Rodneys SBG set and I´m thinking about buying the Streetboxing tape from his site (not the clinch one, only the streetboxing tape). People allways say they complement each other very well and there is no overlap. But what exactly do they cover that the SBG set does not. If I have understood it correctly it does not cover counters and other things that would be part of CM phase 2.

Also how long before the new tapes are out? Would it be better to wait for them?

One more thing. Rodney, do you know how much shipping would be to Sweden for one tape?


I don't have that set but some of the things that I think it covers are
several of Rodney's "trick shots" (boomerand, caveman, sneekaroo,

You may wish to ask this on Rodney's board:




How much offense does the SBG series cover? I got to try the CM in thailand with Rodney and godamn its great but we didnt get a chance to work much on offense, combinations as much as i'd like to have.

but u know what they say about walking before u can run.

The offense Rodney shows on the SBG set is regular boxing combos, some kicks and when is the best times to throw the kicks. That´s what I can think of right now, maybe I forgot something.

Is it an instructional that will benefit someone with little opportunity to train standup?

My set cover the continuation of the SBG series. It cover in more detail CM as well as CM2. Included is a reality based clinch tape that works on striking out of the clinch.

My new series will be a follow up to this series so it would be important for everyone to have all the previous tapes, SBG as well as mine!



Thanks Rodney. And the shipping to Sweden?


Vic rates are on my store www.streetbrawl.co.za/store



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