Q abt bjjtapes.com

Do they answer their e-mails? I ordered something from them about 2 weeks ago and sent them some e-mails about the status but have yet to receive any reply. Should I be worried?

no, their service is excellent so you neednt worry about being ripped off. Probably just a rare mistake.

They will answer posts on this forum.

jeyel ive ordered from them and they didnt answer my email, but i called and they were very friendly and solved my problem instantly , so call them , they have good customer service.

bjjtapes has the most incredible bjj competition dvds on the face of the earth!!!!!

i've ordered several times and they offer excellent products and service!! just be patient :)

never had any problems with them. i have always recieved great service.

When I emailed them, they responded back within 24-48hrs.

They're great you will have no problems.

Hmm... I'm still waiting for a reply though... :-(

Maybe the guy in charge is still on his x-mas holidays...

I'll try again, I guess...

me neither

FedEX Ground shipping takes 1 week for most orders.

State your mmma.tv handle and your problem. I shouldhave responded since I don't have nay emails in the box.

bjjtapes = excellent service!



amen for patience!


What's your direct e-mail? I want to forward you my order details.


How did you email me in the first place? What email did you use?

The email is posted on the website for problems. I have people email me all the time. The email is:


They have A+ service and have even hooked me up when FedEx lost my package.

Just got a reply. Thanks!

I've ordered from them 3 times and had great service. They also put out a nice product.

I had some hell problems with international postage!! bjjtapes stepped up and fixed everything 100%.

www.bjjtapes.com Rocks!!