Q on grips with GI??

this Q is for anyone really, Im really not used to grappling with a Gi, so when I am on my back im looking for underhooks mostly with out but when im in a Gi, my Q is should I be on the collar and one sleeve, and the same Q goes for when I am on top and just broke the guard where should my grips be at one on the feet and one controlling the wrist, thx in advanced for any and all help...=)..

If you're opponent is in your guard: its a good idea to put one hand in the collar (to simulate holding the neck -keeping their posture down) and one on a sleeve (to open up armbar/ triangle attacks or keep them from basing out for sweeps)

When you break the guard: its gonna depend on how you are passing.

If you pass over a leg: I typically don't grip anywhere (just use my low arm posting next to his hip to stop hip movement into the direction I am passing).

If you grab a leg and pass under it: get a deep bite on the thigh between your arm and chest and grab the same side lapel with the same arm you trap the leg with and simply take up slack (ie. move your grip up slowly towards his head) as you stack him up.

Hope that was what you are looking for.

Resources on gripping.....



Check out the Judo Forum, there's a functional grip training post there with a clip that's about 34 minutes long.


Johhny rad and Judo machine, thx guys I appreciate it. =)