Qld Advice - Re Bucks Weekend

Need some help

I'm best man for a friend so have to organise a bucks party. Hasn't set the wedding date yet, so may not be for a while but I wanted to start planning now.

The basic idea is flying to QLD (we are in Melb) for a weekend - arrive friday afternoon , leave Sunday evening or Monday Morning.

Here are the questions

Should we go to Brisbane/Surfers or anywhere else?

I will be organising some private hotel 'entertainment', does anyone know of good places to use?

Any other tips or advice would be great

Cheers Aaron

looks around and waits for copper and cobras to enter the room

Waiting for Coops and Cobras! Yeah, if you want ladyboys for the night...Aaron, do you want Ladyboys??

Aaron, I've attended a couple of similar events at the Magic Mountain Resort at Nobby's Beach (Near Surfers)

The penthouse appartments have private rooftop spaces with a spa and are quite large. The lend themselves nicely to this type of thing.

You're also just a short cab ride from Surfers, an even shorter trip to Broadbeach and just near Jupiters Casino.


Ladys's yes , boys ...Nah , not this time anyway ;)

Tank, sounds good. Do you remember what the apartment cost or did someone else organise it? Having the casino and surfers near by does sound handy .

Whats the deal with strippers coming to hotel rooms with groups of guys, I have heard that alot of them wont do it because of possible problems. The bunch of guys will be up for a good time , but are decent guys, not that the strippers will take your word for it. Is it just a matter of finding one that will do it?

I just dont want any old scrubber ,I would like to organise some quality ...even if I have to pay extra.

No idea on cost. I just chipped in, but the figure included the room, the girls and "catering"

I'm led to believe there isn't a real problem with professional adult entertainers attending such events. They usually travel with a "driver" who's job it is to alleviate any concerns.

I think my mates used the folks from The Boob Cruise to supply waitresses (sans tops) and food (no comment on the quality of the food !!) which is a nice touch (or is that nice to touch ??)

I'm not sure about the other entertainment they may have come from the same place, they may not have, I'd have to check.

I'm sure a quick google will find you what you need. If not I'm sure some fellow Qld'ers will have contacts in that department.

The room was huge, 3 bedrooms and big living space, balcony and HUGE rooftop area. Plenty of room for everyone to crash when it's over (about 3Pm 2 days later :-))


Actually sounds like just what I'm after , thanks.

I'll try and check it out on google .

No probs, let me know when you need my mailing address so you can send me an invite...



Checked it out , looks great , they actually mentioned the exact thing your are talking about. So far that is the winning option until I hear something better.

How many girls were their tank ? do you remember roughly how much you chipped in compared with how many guys ?

I'm using the movie 'Very bad things' as a model for the bucks party apart from murdering the hooker bit.

A few guys attending will also be looking for some 'assistance' in partying the night away , have no idea how i'm going to find anything. Not that people are going to be able to suggest to much on a public forum.

Tank , I'll be sure to send you the detials !

I have attended 2 similar functions.

I chipped about $150 for each and there were quite a few guys.

Both bucks are very close friends, so I didn't ask any questions. It seemed fair enough at the time.

There were 2 waitresses from memory, which is plenty for the size of the room. They did a great job, and there was always food, drink or naked breastage within easy reach.

We had 2 shows during the course of the evening. As for the style of the shows, I think this is simply a matter of taste/imagination/budget :-)

Re: "assitance" there is a bottleshop nearby, they have a large range of beer, wine and spirits. I assume that's what you meant...



PS: I'm really making all this up. I would never attend such an event !!

Thanks , I didnt think it was going to be any less than that. It all sounds pretty good.

We will definatly be consuming alot of alchohol , but no that wasn't quite the assistance I was thinking.

I am actually appalled at this sort of behaviour as I am very happliy married, but it is my duty as the best man to honour his wishes!

well well well...........i have organised 2 bucks nights in my life and need i say the best ever. Tell me what you are after and ill give you the numbers to call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i told you this was a department cobras could help you in.

i told you this was a department cobras could help you in.

"I'm using the movie 'Very bad things' as a model for the bucks party apart from murdering the hooker bit. " lol, i'm glad you're not going to skewer a hooker on a towel hook.

The skewering of her isnt the main issue , i just dont want to have to chop her body parts up with a chain saw ...

;) every other aspect seems on track !


you will provide pics won't you...oh! you don't have a digital camera, I can help with that....providing I get to see the pics that were taken