There's talk of Pac and JMM fighting a fourth time making for a very rare qualdrilogy. Has there ever been one in MMA before? I'm pretty sure it hasn't gone down in the UFC although there have been a few trilogies.

Speaking of which, what if Maynard climbs the ranks yet again? Would Zuffa allow for a fourth fight between him and Edgar?

I'd pay for a 4th Edgar-Maynard fight. Last 2 were epic and they are at 1-1-1 so it only makes sense to settle it someday. Phone Post

If Maynard picks up a few solid wins, I would love to see them fight a fourth time. As said before, the last two were great fights. Phone Post

I think Maynard will get back to the top and win the belt, especially now that he is at AKA. I felt like he lost the last one more than Edgar won it. I'm not really sure what happened mentally, but I feel like he gave both of those fights away after the first round.

The Fulton Robinson heptalogy is nothing. You must have missed the Travis Fulton vs Rory Prazak 11 fights ( is there a word for that) spanning mma and pro boxing.

Just checked if you have 11 fights with someone, its a called a FultonicPrazakology.

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