Quadros interview about Segal& DMX


Segal says he has a student than can beat Sakuraba. He says this in the year 2001.

ttt, most intriguing old chap!

The Baron.

I say forum brethren, most intriguing stuff, do have a jolly good peruse won't you old chavvies?? There's a number of good laddies...

The Baron.

wouldnt it be great if the fight professor himself posted on mma tv?

i wonder what he'd say

Nobody wants to post on a stephan quadros thread except the guy who started it (me) and Stephan Quadros LOL


I think I still have an issue of Black Belt from the 90's where Seagal is looking all constipated on the cover whilst brandishing a katana in which he states during the course of an interview that he'd fight anyone to the death.

Speaking of Black Belt, does anyone remember when Black Belt in the late 70's and early 80's used to have these ads for gis which would show these hot chicks wearing nothing but gi pants (with their back to the camera, unfortunately, so you couldn't see their bewbies) hanging out with some male model type guys in different coloured gis? I used to think, wow, so this is what karate is all about...working out with your buds and then "cooling down" with a little hanky-panky with hot chicks in gi pants.

flash... you bring me back to a time when mma/tma was truly cool. When dudes could watch Gymkata or Revenge of the Ninja, and actually aspire to be a crime fightin', booty havin', uber-ninja without shame.... dam

That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that he's 6'4" tall and weight 250 pounds, would it? Nah. Most guys at 6'4" and 250 walk the streets in fear of their lives.