Quadros = Zombie?

I am 99% sure that Quadros is undead. Examine a still from last night and study his right cheek. You can CLEARLY see some rotting flesh that the EliteXC makeup person didn't manage to cover up.

No, I don't think he's a zombie. He's too tan and meaty. Nice try.

Oh my dear sweet delusional friends. They've gotten to you.

readies boomstick

Somebody needs to help with that 1980's hair parted down the middle though.


In the final wrap-up I swear I think somebody had a live battery cable duct-taped to his balls. Go back and look at his face.

Listening to that dull monotone delivery certainly puts me in a zombie like state.

Quadros does look like some kind of freak. His hair looked a few days away from soap and he looked like some kind of deviant who can't hold back his urges.

He looks like a bulemic Carol Channing on ectasy.

Looks like the dude from Tales from the Crypt.

He was pulling some seriously wild facials at the closing of the show, looked like he was on acid or something.

i thought he was good as the green goblin

LOL that movie clip is gold

But how do we kill him? Zombies like him have like 60 hit points, and my sword isn't even silver.

I always thought he was a vampire.