Quality Blender for Smoothies

I don't intend to spend 1200 bucks to get the machine they use at my gym. I was wondering if anyone can reccommend a more economical blender. I will be using it mainly to make smoothies with frozen fruit/yogurt.

My mom swears by her VitaMix. Not the cheapest out there, but definitely a good quality machine. You could probably find a decent deal on eBay~


VitaMix or Blendtec (I have, and love the Blendtec).

I've used a Braun hand held blender for years. Excellent product!

my mom also swears by the VitaMix....Actually, now i do.

Magic Bullet....use it every morning for my breakfast smoothies..


Gotta go with the vitamix. Excellent machine.......over 12 years old, and still working great!!