Queens/NYC MMA school?

Hi Guys,

The essence of my question is: Where can one find a good striking or striking + grappling (MMA) school in the Queens, Manhattan, or Brooklyn area? For those interested, I'll give a little background on how it came about.

Today, on Saturday, I have an Introduction to Politics class in my college. During the break, a guy that I know looked very irritated and shuts off his cell phone. I come over to talk to him cause we're buddies. He relates to me how he wanted to sign up for Tae Kwon Do to learn some self defense skills. He requested to watch a class but could not make it so he told the school that he will reschedule with them. After this, they have been constantly badgering him, leaving messages on his cell, as to when he will reschedule.

After hearing all of this I asked him what his goals were. Since it was primarily for self defense, I suggesting that he should look into kick boxing instead for stand up and that BJJ would also be great to know for those times that he will be forced to go to the ground. He totally agreed and was like "Oh, you mean like those guy on the Spike Network in that show TUF? They are awesome". I'm like cool, finally regular people know about MMA. Anyway, I told him to shoot me an email later in the week and that I could send him some suggestions. I already mentioned Renzo's gym to him. I wounder if you guys have some suggestions. Also he wants to take his 7 year old cousin with him so it would be great if the place had a junior program.



NY San Da Gym (formerly NYKK) at 336 W 37th Street.

Our web page is www.NYSanDa.com

(212) 239-8619

We've produced top level champions in kickboxing, San Da, Muay Thai, and boxing. We send athletes to Japan to shootboxing and soon to J-Max. San Da teaches you kicks, punches, low kicking, knees, elbows, clinches, takedowns and throws... many MMA people cross train with us

Josh won IKF San Da title last July

This is Ian Morgan (seating, beat one of Fairtex's amateur champions on same night), Josh (who won the title), myself, and Steve Ventura

Yousef Taghizadeh is both the USKBA US champion and the USSKF world champion

Richard Acosta (standing over Russian MT champ he Ko'd in one round) holds many titles including ABOC 2003 Champion, 2001 ICMAC Champion, 5th US Open Champion and a Silver Medal at 2002 USWU championships

We also have a great looking gym!

woodhaven mma woodhaven blvd and 63rd avenue
we are there monday wednesdays from 6-7:30
saturdays from 2:30-4,
we have bjj, boxing kickboxing and what have you
if you join the school you get to take everything.
call carmine if you like
email me at bvetell@aol.com for the numbers and any details you need

you can also check out:


we teach MMA/BJJ in the "FightHouse" facility located in midtown manhattan. We are the New York affiliate for Matt Thornton's StraightBlast Gym International, and offer evening classes on M/W/Th that cover stand up, clinch and ground training. more details on the site.

good luck with your search.


Thank you all very much, this gives me many options to pass on to my friend. Also gives me things to consider over the summer when I have a bit more free time.

I run New York Combat Sambo  . I run my program out of the NY San Da space listed above. We work all ranges - striking, throwing, and grappling both with and without gi, in and out of the ring. Our weekly classes are split by range and our Saturday class is purely MMA focused training. It is a very evenly spread.

We also have regular guest instuctors or cross-train at other schools as well. Some guests have included: 2 time Olympic and many time pro boxing Coach Peter Zaslow, Carlos Machado BJJ Black Belt Dan Gonzalez, Oleg Taktarov Coach Gene Fabrikant, 4th Dan Judo Nick Fulciniti, Soviet National Sambo Champ Vlad Koulikov, and others. We really try to give you the most well rounded training experience accented by other instructors to keep your eyes open and game fresh. You are always welcome to come to take a free trial class or just to watch one. 

We also co-host the Tri State MMA League which you can come to whether or not you are a school member. Folks fro many other schools come to work there including Renzo's, Evolution Combat Club, NY SanDa, NY Combat Sambo, and many others. There are no egos, just guys who want to work on new stuff (beginners and advanced) and spar. It is open to all for just $2.00 a session or $10.00 a year. We meet every other Sunday - Next is April 10, 12:30-2:30PM.






P.S. We don't have a kids program

You can also check out Combined Martial Arts in Astoria/Long Island City.

Check out the links on them: