Quentin Jackson's commentary LOL!

Motherfucker had me cracking up, especially during the Herring-Nog fight. Here's a couple of his "gems"

Commentator: "Herring has a good mix of skills, blah, blah, blah..."

QJ: "yeah and he's got hairy ass legs"

Another one...

*Herring shorts gets pulled up kinda high while grappling in the ground with Nog*

QJ: "Is his nuts hanging out?"

during herring-noguera fight,

"Heath's gotta do his thang, he's got wild hair, he should put his hair in his face"

Rampage is a great asset to pride, I look forward to his appearances.

I agree. My friends and I were cracking, the guy is a perfect commentator. I liked the part where he was dissing the new commentator for talking too much and told him he caught him talking to himself in the hallway. LOL!

Rampage was fucking comedy.

Except for when he almost killed Arona.

He said something about Nogueira needing to close his mouth or he'd wind up with a hairball in his throat, that was awesome!


I liked when he kept talking about bieng the token black guy, and randleman was trying to steal his spot... it got awkward, and Bas and the other douche tried to change the subject (cuz race is allways so touchy), and rampage kept talkin about bieng the token black guy

"See Momma....I can do it without cussin" (commentating)

lol those are classic

he is right about Herring wearing small ass shorts. damn, whats up with that?!?!

The other commentator did confuse Randleman and Rampage on more than one occasion. Another funny Quinton comment was when he pointed out how Nog's head was in Herring's ass. I didn't notice this at first but it was a funny sight.

Didnt see the event, but besides Quentin being my favorite fighter, he is one funny as mofo!

He had us laughing hard he's funny as hell!

Right before Randleman was going to fight

Quinton " He look like a black Tito"

Too funny

Agreed! He is funny. My wife and I were rolling laughing, kept hitting the reverse.

That comment about being ugly anyway craked me up. Anybody could have said that and not been funny but he just has a knack.

I would love to see him on BDSSP and the like building up a big fight for Vegas. He would be such a huge draw in the U.S. if he was given the opp.

"Support the black man"


he kept on just dropping one liners out of nowhere. It really was pretty funny.

"all black men look alike"

If Pride runs a show in the US they should definately have him on all the shows to promote it.

The announcer asks Rampage "If you were in Herring's position, what would you be trying to do?"

Rampage: "I'd pull my shorts out of my ass"

If Rampage was fighting in America he'd be the biggest draw for sure. He is a very skilled and exciting fighter and he is funny as shit :)