Question about level changing

Hey guys! I've watched on some wrestling instructional videos and have seen in some wrestling matches something that confuses me.

In wrestling instructional videos they recommend having your hips lower than your opponent's in order to gain more leverage for throws. Ok, that makes perfect sense. Then I see people who lower their level and the opponent correspondingly lowers his level as well. So far, so good. But then the 1st guy raises his level and his opponent correspondingly raises his level as well. WTF?!? Why would the 2nd guy raise his level when he is now in a lower (better) position than his opponent? It doesn't make any sense to me!

I've also seen (and experienced) how trying to match levels can be used against you. If I'm going up against a better wrestler and he lowers his base, I'll also lower my base. If he raises his base and I follow suit, this gives him the opportunity to quickly drop and penetrate WHILE I'M STILL RISING! I'd have to stop my upward momentum and immediately sprawl. If I'm really fast, I may be able to do that. But why the hell would I put myself in that situation in the first place?

Any thoughts?


Since no one has touched this one yet, I'll put in one thing I can think of. If he changes his level back up and I am still down low - if I hang out there, I'm probably open for a snapdown. A lot of factors play in on this, but that's what I'd be worried about. Just a thought.


Thanks for the response Jeff. I had considered that as well. My train of thought in that regard was that it simply wouldn't make sense for the lower guy to just "hang out there" for that exact reason, unless there was some strategy the lower guy was trying out (attack by drawing, maybe?).

If I was the lower guy, I would feel that attacking WHILE my opponent is rising would be the opportune moment for a takedown attempt. I would probably avoid doing this only if I felt his takedown defense was too good for me too handle, in which case I would prefer to clinch with him.

Any other thoughts? Anyone?


Some guys are just not comfortable with their shots. Perhaps that is why someone would follow the opponent back up instead of taking the opportune shot.

I work with a guy who is a phenomenal wrestler, but he sucks at takedowns. He will literally stick his leg into the other guys arms to get on the mat, then totally dominate. He is an awesome mat wrestler, but by his own admission he never took the time to lear proper takedowns, since, as he put it, you can't pin 'em with a takedown.

A phenomenal wrestler who sucks at takedowns? Forgive me, but that seems like a contradiction in terms. I myself suck at takedowns and I'm ok on the ground. But I would never refer to myself as a good wrestler unless I had decent takedowns.

Anyway, since there's a lack of responses I suppose your reasoning is the most likely. If so, I'll just bear that in mind and work on my takedowns (in the future). Thanks for the response.