Question about Ramon Dekkers

A lot of people have listened to the John Wayne Parr JRE it seems, and I'm curious if anyone else caught where John talked about how Ramon towards the end of his career had his ankle fused to his leg bone, and that there was talk of it getting amputated. He said he heard it on his documentary, but I watched the one on YouTube and dont remember that being a segment. That sound like an insane procedure, and I know he switched stances after it.

Also another crazy thing John said was that he saw Ramon before his fight with Duane Ludwig, and when he asked how he was feeling Ramon pointed at his arm which was black and blue due to a torn bicep but said "it's ok, I win". He then went on to dropping Duane multiple times with only throwing his left. Here's the fight if anyone hasn't seen. RIP Ramon!!

I got to hang (and party) with him, his brother, and his stepfather in Breda Holland for weeks... I was there to train... But he was cool man, and a legend.

I can't answer your questions, but it's sad to see that he is gone. His stepfather is a kind man, his brother is too, but a little nutty, lol. Phone Post 3.0

It's true. He threw his kick so hard and often that he damaged it to the point they were talking about amputating, then he had it fused and you guesses\d it...went right back to kicking with it.