Question about SBG mural

I tried to ask about this in the JKD forum, but this is the better place. I am curious about the large mural on the wall behind the boxing ring that appears in Functional JKD2 and Rodney King's series. It looks like it says "School of Striking" and then has a bunch of cartoon characters with quotes near them. Somebody in the JKD forum said it was "School of Dry Land Swimming". What is this all about? My guess now is it refrences Bruce Lee's swimming on Dry Land/fighting without sparring analogy. You don't normally see stuff like that in gyms. Any info appreciated.

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Lazlo that is an exact replica of a painting that Bruce Lee had done called "school of dry land swimming". There is a picture of it in Dan Inosanto's JKD book. The smaller black one which is now out of print.

I had two made. One was on the wall of the old Salem OR Gym. The other is on a 4' by 8' board and hangs now in our Portland headquarters.

Thank you very much Matt, I will look it up. I think its cool to have lessons/quotes/motiviational art on the walls at gyms, it sets a good tone.