Question about SBGI membership

I came about this when I was looking to purchase Bob Bass DVDs. The membership says you get 20% off products and the membership is only 50.00. seems pretty reasonable. It also allows 2 weeks free training at any SBGI gym (I live in NYC so it would be Christian's place). Anyway, does anyone have anything to comment about the SBGI membership, is it worth it?

One of the best training investments I have made. Well worth it.

The Members Q&A paid for itself in the first month from the info I got from the BJJ forum. Matt & Luis posted pics supported by instructional narrative of various techniques (with SBG flavor of course) that really helped me out.

I already made my money back on products alone (that's only $250, you know... damn maybe that's why I'm broke...).

The discussion forums always have Matt, the Singers and Paul Sharp lurking around, so any decent question gets answered pretty quick by very competent people. And new SBG concepts and techniques turn up from time to time.

Which reminds me: when is Paul going to post a reply about his clinch system? :-) Sad bastards (like me) who can't take anybody down need to know.


It would be hard to describe in words but I think Paul does for the clinch what Rodney does for stand up, make it highly functional and accessible to everyone via great coaching and a solid structure.

He divides the body into levels and lines going in and from head to toe. He then cycles all sorts of attacks and counters working within that grid.

I will have his DVD for sport grappling out next year and the Singers, Paul and myself will be working together in September for the Jits with Hits & Clinch with Hits DVD set so you will see more there as well.
We will be shooting that the Friday before the Fall camp and the shooting of Matt's final FJKD series.


Honestly I have worked with some amazing Greco guys, and truth be told I often find I get more functional schemes from Paul Sharp, and Karl Tanswell. Probably because they, like me, come from a non Greco background so they can translate the pointers that are helpfull better. And they apply the delivery system to the task at hand, ie: BJJ, MMA, or Law Enforcement, etc. Awesome stuff.

Each SBGi Coach has things they enjoy better. For Tom, Luis, John Kavanagh, and myself the ground is obviously something we love. Karl and Paul have great clinch games. Rodney loves stand up, and is a fantastic at it.

And Adam and Rory probably have some of the most well rounded games of all, and can Coach fantasticly at all ranges.

Everyone moves towards what is enjoyable, but having skill in all three areas, and being able to coach all areas is a must.

Regards the members forum, I have a lot of new things I will be putting up in early January on guard, top game, and escapes.


I'm back at the Gym starting today, and I will be posting a series on the sitting up guard for gi and no-gi in the members forum asap. Any members needing other info for the New Year just drop a note and we will see if we can get that up for you.

-Matt Thornton