question about stalling

I have noticed that the last few ufc and Pride/Bushido events have had far less fights where I was yelling at the tv.."do something!..How long is the ref gonna let them lay/stand there!!"..I'm not so new as to expect constant action every fight but I felt at one point, that something had to change. Pride seemed to change their ways a while back and I really like the idea of a monetary penalty for stalling. IMO the fights this last Ufc event were noticeably faster paced...Bushido too... It seemed like the refs were standing them up quickly, sometimes too quick. Not sure if the match ups suited the stand up game or what but I don't recall any fight where the majority of it was faught on the ground.
Hopefully this wasn't a fluke and I am hoping the ufc adopts the yellow/green (whatever) card rule..10% of purse or more

I'll feel like an ass if this is already in place in the ufc and I just haven't noticed..can't imagine but, it wouldn't be the first time

Be nice people.

that wasnt a question

Max is correct, lol.....

ok...question is..anyone else notice an improvement?

Please explain your question.

bastards.....should I have made the thread in the form of troll????>....

All the last few UFCs I can remember have been great and most of the fights have been finished and the ones that havent (Karo's 2 wins over Diaz and Serra) were still exciting as hell.

But not every fight is gonna be exciting in sports and MMA is no different.

And at least if you do have a boring fight in MMA it typically wont be longer than 15 minutes... Whereas a boring fight in boxing, being a 12 rounder often means 40mins plus of waiting for the next fight.

me too seifer...I just prefer they don't take a long time catching their breath and holding each other before they finish it


I actually miss no time limit fights regardless of the fighters stradegy. It's fun watching some of the old wars of attrition, watching guys wait it out while taking a beating or trying to figure out a way to find a sub etc... JMO

However, it seems the UFC fights move faster than Pride fights even without having the green card. Not so sure the green card really is in the head of the fighters once they get busy. Maybe the ring has a different effect than the cage. As well, you don't get many restarts when in the cage as opposed to the ref bringing the guys back to the middle once someone's head sticks out of the ropes like in Pride.

didn't someone post that the average length of the no limit UFC fights was 2:24 or something?