Question for Enson

I have a friend who will be in Kyoto next year. I think he will be attending Doshisha university. Can you recommend anywhere to train near there? Thanks a lot,




I think Enson has a gym in Kyoto! Check the 'saved threads', one of them should have his gyms listed.

Check this too.



Greggie, if you check that link you'll see the address of Enson's gym in Kyoto! Japan has a great subway/public transportation system in the Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe region and your friend should be able to access it.

I'm 99% moving to Osaka in late June, and I'll be doing the same (but my ride will take longer), taking the subway is part of living in Japan :o)

Does "blow" mean striking?

I was looking at the Omiya schedule and it looks like more classes are offered there, is that just a better webpage or is that gym larger with more classes being offered?

(not that it matters as I hope to go to Kyoto, just curious)

TTT. Thanks Sothy.